Technology network Process control technology (PCT)

The PCT technology network consists of 10 enterprises representing the majority of the most important companies in the Slovenian industrial processes automation and information services market, and additionally three institutions performing the majority of this kind of research. With introduction of the process control technology in different areas, we are are contributing to an increase in economic competitiveness. Process control technology results in increasing the scope and adaptability of production, improving the quality of products, reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials, decreasing the environmental pollution, and increasing the occupational safety, etc.


The scope of the CCACT is control technology, which combines automation, computerization and cybernetization of processes and systems. This is a "hidden technology", present in every device, system or production process of minimum sophistication; it therefore represents one of the key development factors in the world and it is of high importance for further development of Slovenia.

CCACT will carry on the R & D part of the programme, which was initiated in the previous period within the framework of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Control Technologies based on the development strategy, prepared and implemented through R&D projects by the Technology Network "Process Control Technology."

Project SIBA

The objective of this project is to develop a new system for intelligent buildings, termed the SIBA (Slovenian Intelligent Building Automation) platform. The development project represents the development of entirely new technology in the field of intelligent buildings and on this basis the development of prototypes of new products that are presently not yet on the market. The SIBA system is an integrated platform that is based on TCP/IP protocol, advanced algorithms of innovative management and internet solutions for control, management and energy optimization of intelligent buildings.

Project I3E

In June 2009 started a three-year project entitled "Promoting Innovation and the Industrial Informatics and Embedded Systems Sector Through Networking - I3E" which was selected in the fierce competition for funding under the European programme "South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme,"

Modern control technology to increase competitiveness

The largest integrated project coordinated by the Technology Network PCT to date, which included 13 research and development projects and 13 demonstration projects, carried out in the period 2004-2006. The project involved 14 members of the network – research institutions and companies - service providers and 12 companies - users of technology. For this project, the PCT Technology Network also obtained funding through the European Regional Development Fund.

Center of excellence for advanced control technology

Center of excellence for advanced control technology was one of the projects, aimed at implementing the development strategy in the field of process control technology (automation and computerization), prepared by the Technology Network "Process Control Technology (PCT)." The project was carried out in the period 2005-2007 and involved 4 research institutions and y companies – 10 service providers and 5 technology users.