Project Cluster COOP



Faculty of Economics, now in its third year under the guidance of prof. Dr.Tea Petrin carry out the project ClusterCOOP, which brings together nine partners from six countries (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary , Poland and Slovakia ). The project objectives are to formulate proposals to improve the regulatory and financial framework related to support cooperation between clusters and their cross-border integration ; study the possibility of developing new activities and collaborative R & D projects under the cooperation of enterprises in Central Europe and to promote the flow of information between the clusters in this part of Europe .

Faculty of Economics of the 10th - 11th September 2013, three important events took place within the project ClusterCOOP . 10th September 2013, we hosted two working meetings " 3rd Steering Committee " and " 7th Transnational Working Group meeting " at which the project partners have confirmed the key documents and reports as well as project teams become familiar with further project activities .

An important part of the project activities are meeting cluster , you " Matchmaking roadshows " in which participants have the opportunity to meet potential partners for cooperation. Faculty of Economics, 11 September 2013 hosted the sixth and the last such meeting clusters within the project ClusterCOOP entitled " Key Enabling Technologies as drivers of emerging industries ." Meeting, alongside representatives of the project partners, individual institutions and enterprises attended by representatives of 12 clusters and technology networks , including TM TVP , from five countries : Slovenia , Poland, Slovakia , Austria and Hungary . After the opening speech of prof. Dr. . Petrin Ms. Heidi Moens , European Commission, Directorate - General for Enterprise and Industry , Key Enabling Technologies and ICT presented the importance of the key technologies for the development of new activities. Followed by two parallel sessions : (1) section " Advanced Materials " , led by dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker , VDI - VDE -IT , and ( 2) of the section " Advanced manufacturing and process technologies ," which was led by dr. Brane Semolič, TCS - TOOLMAKERS cluster of Slovenia . Participants in the sessions actively participated in the discussion and exchange of opinions helped shape the meeting . Moderator of the two sections at the end of the event, presented the main findings with recommendations for action.