Participating companies in the project CCACT:

Participating companies in the project CCACT:

The consortium is composed of all the leading Slovenian research groups in the field of the Process technology (complex systems and innovative technologies), all major engineering firms (service providers and equipment suppliers) and prominent manufacturing companies from various sectors of industry. Partners have a long tradition of cooperation, excellent results so far, more than the required critical mass and are intensively involved in domestic and international environment.

Contracting Institution:

Centre ARI (ARI) was established by a number of companies and R&D institutions as a contact point for meeting of the current needs of Slovenian production enterprises and of the offers of different specialised development and engineering groups in the areas of industrial automation, robotics and informatics.

Academic institutions:

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the biggest Slovenian research organisation in the field of natural and technical sciences. Its Department of Systems and Control is the most distinguished research group in the field of process control technology in Slovenia.

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Laboratory for Modelling, Simulation and Control and Laboratory of Autonomous Mobile Systems, with research foci in modelling and modern control strategies of complex nonlinear systems using artificial intelligence methods.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Centre for Tribology and Technical Diagnostics dealing with the development of diagnostic methods for incipient failure detection on machine elements and components of transport and power drives.

University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Laboratory for Process Automation performing basic and applied research in the field of modelling, fault detection and diagnosis, and control of technical systems.

Engineering companies:

INEA, Ljubljana is one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of computer-based production control in industry, energy management systems for efficient use of energy, and demand side management in energy sector, industry and buildings.

KOLEKTOR SINABIT, Ljubljana is one of the leading Slovenian providers of automation and information systems and services in the industry for various industrial branches, as well as the energy sector, buildings and municipal infrastructure.

GOAP, Nova Gorica is an important player in the domain of development and implementation of advanced technology solutions for intelligent buildings.

ŠPICA International, Ljubljana is a leading Slovenian supplier of IT systems and business solutions based on automatic identification technologies.

METRONIK, Ljubljana is one of the leading Slovenian companies in the domain of automation and production informatics.

RACI, Ljubljana is the leading Slovenian company in the field of operational monitoring of emissions in to the air and automated measurement systems to measure emissions.

COSYLAB, Ljubljana is one of the leading companies for the development and implementation of technically challenging computer-based control systems worldwide, and is a global market leader in the field of control systems for large experimental physics facilities, such as particle accelerators and radio telescopes.

Production companies:

HELIOS, Količevo is the largest company within Helios Group, the leading producer of coatings in South East Europe.

LITOSTROJ POWER, Ljubljana is an engineering company and manufacturer of power plants and energy and industrial equipment.

TRIMO, Trebnje is a leading European supplier of innovative and comprehensive solutions in the area of steel buildings, roofs and facades, steel constructions and containers.

Danfoss Trata, Ljubljana is part of the Danfoss A/S, and is involved in the development and production of control components for district heating systems and control equipment for air conditioning and heating systems.

Pipistrel, Ajdovščina is the world’s most versatile light aircraft manufacturer.

Field of work of CCACT:

Field of work of CCACT:

The field of work of Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies (CCACT) is Process Control technology, which combines automation, computerization and cybernetization of processes and systems. It is a "hidden technology" which is present in every device, system or production process of  threshold complexity; therefore, it represents one of the key development factors in the world and it is very important for the further development of Slovenia.

CCACT will continue R & D activities which were initiated in the previous period in the framework of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Control Technologies, and in doing this it will follow the development strategy, prepared by theTechnology Network "Process Control Technology."

The implementation of the CCACT programme will contribute to the strategy by developing new (and improving existing) products, services and technologies; through introduction and dissemination of these technologies among users (particularly through demonstration projects); by accelerating the establishment of an innovative environment and intensive networking in the real and virtual international development and economic environment.

The CCACT programme will consist of 7 R&D projects, namely:

1) Development environment and building blocks for the implementation of advanced control methods,
2) Web-based, remote and distributed control technology
3) Model-based production management
4) Optimization and management for the rational use of energy and a cleaner environment,
5) Automatic monitoring of the state of process equipment,
6) Development of high performance platform for control of fusion reactors
7) Development of technical design prototypes and demonstration projects.

This R&D programme was complemented by programme for development and management of CCACT.

CCACT programme is highly relevant in terms of contributions to the strategic development goals of Slovenia and Europe, including horizontal (environmental and energy) priorities.